Website for real estate agency

Sweda Housing represents clients from Poland and Scandinavia who invest in the Tri-City real estate market, with the primary goal of securing the highest possible returns on their investments.

Our goal was to best present the services of this premium real estate agency and its team of professionals.

Implementation date


Project highlights

  • one-pager
  • 3 language versions of the website
  • presentation of services and team
website for real estate agency

Description of implementation

The goal of the project for SWEDA Housing from Gdansk was to create a simple one-pager presenting the most important information about the real estate agency. Among others, modules such as team, services, properties for sale and contact form appear on the page.

SWEDA's main customers are companies and individuals from Scandinavia, which is why the website was created in as many as 3 language versions - Polish, English and Swedish.

One-pager - or all-in-one website

One-pager is a condensed form of information presentation that aims to convey key content in a single view. This tool is commonly used in business, marketing and education to focus the viewer's attention on the most important aspects of a topic.

It stands out for its simplicity and clarity, eliminating unnecessary details and focusing only on key data. An important function here is played by photos, illustrations or infographics, which quickly and intuitively explain how a product works or the next steps of a given service.

website for real estate agency

We have achieved our goal - we have created a project that presents SWEDA agency as an experienced partner for investment in the Tri-City.

Iga Malinowska

Web designer

Site optimized for mobile devices

website for real estate agency
website for real estate agency
website for real estate agency
website for real estate agency