Online course with Mateusz Kusznierewicz

InfoShare Academy is a platform specializing in delivering courses in programming and business knowledge. Infoshare focuses on practical knowledge and cooperation with the best trainers.

Our task was to create a dynamic and effective site aimed at promoting and selling the course run by Mateusz Kusznierewicz.

Implementation date


Project highlights

  • online course sales
  • landing page
  • training plan
  • descriptions of trainers
  • pricing packages
Landing page vs. online course

Description of implementation

When designing the landing page for InfoShare Academy, we focused on providing an excellent presentation of the course and presenting its key advantages. The course offers not only exceptional knowledge, but also the opportunity to work with one of the most talented Polish athletes - Mateusz Kusznierewicz.

We emphasized these features both in the visual layer of the site and in the logic of information layout. We thought through the order in which the various modules were arranged and their scope in terms of content. Together with Infoshare, we created sales-oriented texts for the site that highlight the strengths of this online course.

A tool that supports sales

We designed and implemented the site with conversions and optimization in mind. We used effective UX and UI techniques such as expressive CTAs (Call to Action), compelling content and attractive visual elements to encourage visitors to sign up.

An important point in the brief we received from the client was the possibility for the Infoshare team to update the site itself. Such an option is provided by the system on which we implement websites in our agency. Elementor Pro, the builder we use, is intuitive to use and allows us to change every, even the smallest, element on the site.

Online course on Wordpress platform

We created a dynamic and attractive visual creation that highlights the strengths of the online course. The site is fully responsive - it adapts freely to different screen sizes.

Iga Malinowska

Web designer

Site optimized for mobile devices

E-learning platform - online course on Wordpress
E-learning platform - online course on Wordpress
Side menu on wordpress
Elementor Pro contact form