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We answer your most frequently asked questions about creating professional websites for businesses:

How long does it take to create a website on WordPress?

We design and implement professional websites on WordPress in about 1-2 months. Implementation time depends primarily on the size of the site and the sophistication of the solutions used here.

On average, we need about 2-4 weeks to create a landing page, and 1-3 months to create an extensive company website.

Do I need special technical skills to manage a WordPress-based site?

Absolutely not. WordPress was created with ease of use in mind. Our team will provide you with the necessary training, which will allow you to add, edit and delete content yourself.

You don't need advanced technical skills to enjoy full control over your professional website.

How is WordPress different from other web development platforms?

WordPress is an extremely popular and versatile platform for creating professional websites, which is distinguished by its intuitive interface and possibilities for any expansion. Thanks to this, even people without deep technical knowledge can efficiently manage their site.

In addition, a rich ecosystem of plugins and themes gives you unlimited possibilities to personalize and extend the functionality of your site.

What are the benefits of choosing WordPress for my website?

Choosing WordPress opens the door to an extremely powerful ecosystem of tools. As a result, you can easily customize your site to suit your individual needs.

In addition, WordPress is heavily optimized for SEO, which helps it achieve higher positions in search results, translating into greater online visibility.

Will my website be responsive (adaptable to different devices and screens)?

Yes, definitely. Every website we create is fully responsive. This means it will look and work perfectly on computers, tablets and smartphones alike, guaranteeing the audience an optimal user experience.

Do you offer technical support after implementing the site on WordPress?

Of course, our technical support does not end with the implementation. We are always ready to answer your questions or help you solve any problems related to the functioning of your site. You can count on us at every stage.

Can I suggest my own ideas for the design or functionality of my site?

Sure, we are always willing to listen to your ideas and suggestions. We create professional websites that are designed with your target audience in mind, but are also meant to fully meet your expectations. We always study them at the initial stage of the design process during the Intro Workshops.

We encourage you to share your vision, which will help us customize the project to your individual needs.

Can I manage the content on the site myself after it has been created?

Yes, of course. After the project is completed, we carry out WordPress training. You will get access to an intuitive admin panel that will allow you to easily add, edit and delete content on the site.

In addition, our team of WordPress experts as part of the package Technical Assistance can provide support and guidance to help you realize the full potential of your site.

Will my website be optimized for SEO?

Yes, when creating pages we take care of good practices related to SEO guidelines.

We introduce proper header naming (H1, H2, H3 ...), complete Page Titles and Meta Descriptions on all major subpages and alts for images.

What are the costs associated with maintaining and hosting a WordPress-based site?

The cost of maintaining and hosting a WordPress-based site depends on the package selected and the specifics of the project.

We will be happy to provide you with a personalized quote after a thorough analysis of your needs so that you are always aware of the costs associated with your website. Write to us >

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