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Website for a dental practice

Your Smile is a dental practice in Mazury. The main goal of the site was to create online business cards where customers will find all the most important information about the facility - price list, new office location, list of services, dentists and their experience.

Implementation date


Project highlights

  • company online business card
  • service pricelist
  • original graphic design
  • easy editing of content
Responsive website for dental practice

Description of implementation

Wizyt├│wka internetowa

An online business card website for a dentist is a compact and effective tool that allows companies to showcase their business online. It is a type of site that focuses on basic information such as name, logo, brief history, offer or services, contact information and address.

Online business card allows you to quickly and clearly communicate key information, enhanced by appropriate graphic design, which helps to build a professional image and gain the trust of visitors.

Featured functionality

A way to stand out in a competitive industry

In the visual layer, we added some humor and good energy. We used colorful and positive photos with beaming smiles to catch the eye and build a good association with the brand.

When creating a website for a dental office, we focused on simplicity and readability. These key aspects allow visitors to quickly find the information they are looking for.

More than 50% of web traffic is on mobile devices, which is why all the websites we create are responsive (tailored to display on different devices such as computers, tablets and smartphones).

Website for a dental practice
We designed a new visual identity consistent with the practice's logo, which encourages people to visit this medical center in a positive and professional manner.

Iga Malinowska

Web designer

Site optimized for mobile devices

page for dentist - phone view
page for dentist - phone view
page for dentist - phone view
page for dentist - phone view