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Reduta Nieruchomosci has been providing professional property management and administration services in Krakow and the surrounding area for over 20 years. The company manages more than 200 buildings of housing communities, cooperatives and commercial premises.

The goal of the project was to refresh the existing website, adding a section with FAQs for new clients and a detailed description of the company's services.

Implementation date


Project highlights

  • 10+ subpages
  • map with the company's real estate in Krakow
  • FAQ section with answers to the most important customer questions
  • a subpage with the company's services
  • customer reviews
  • contact form

Description of implementation

The main objectives in the implementation of the new website design for Redoubt were to highlight the company's many years and extensive experience. We achieved this effect with the help of several elements, primarily good and clear copywriting, as well as highlighting the most important figures with icons. We also added customer reviews (so-called social proof) to the site. All these elements help build the company's image as a professional business partner.

As for functional assumptions, we focused on simplicity of navigation, placement of a detailed company offer on the site, a simple contact form and FAQs answering all the most important customer questions.

Extensive FAQs with answers to customers' most important questions

On a daily basis, Reduta Nieruchomości serves nearly 7,000 clients - residents of housing communities and cooperatives. Such a multitude of clients requires constant telephone and email support.

We suggested optimizing at least some of these tasks. We asked the company's employees who have regular contact with customers to create a list of frequently asked questions.

Based on the list, we have created a FAQ section on the site with ready answers and downloads for new customers. This solution will significantly reduce the burden of repetitive inquiries for employees.

Cooperation with Astrotea is great contact, quick action, patience with the client, understanding, own initiative, creativity. I could go on and on, but you have to admit that if you are looking for someone who is fun to work with, and everyone is very happy with the results, I definitely recommend to apply to Astrotea. First of all, they are specialists in their craft, and besides, they are really cool people with a positive attitude. 

Paulina Frączek

Proxy, Reduta Nieruchomości Sp. z o.o.

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