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ProSpeed App is a provider of high-quality sports equipment and services that inspires athletes and enables them to achieve their athletic goals. "Through the Eye of the Warrior," the company's main product, is an online training program created for sports challenges. We implemented the project together with the Cappibara agency.

Implementation date


Project highlights

  • Learn Dash e-learning platform (LMS)
  • WooCommerce online store
  • tracking the progress of the redesigned course

Description of implementation

The site has implemented an online store based on the Woocommerce plugin and e-learning platform based Learn Dash plugin. The site offers both physical products and access to online courses.

The key element was properly executed integration several tools with each other.

In addition, a dedicated landing page was built for the site, describing the functionality and capabilities of the application under construction.

Full service package: store + e-learning

For such a configuration, it was necessary to integrate webshop with a platform for online courses and support for user accounts.

Customers who have purchased an online course automatically receive access to the educational products they have purchased. During the course, the platform monitors the progress of users, who can at any time continue the program they started from where they last left off.

We completed the implementation on Wordpress for ProSpeed in record time - 2 weeks! Most of the time, we plan work several months in advance, but we are also able to complete selected projects on a moment's notice.

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