Scope of services

Types of pages

Website implementations on CMS WordPress

Our specialists implement sites on WordPress with full commitment and care. Here are some important elements that we pay special attention to:

WordPress installation and customization

Our specialists are qualified to perform WordPress installations on client servers. As part of this module, we will make the necessary changes to the databases and the server to make sure that WordPress runs smoothly and as expected. We ensure that the entire installation process will be carried out with the utmost care and taking into account the technical specifications of the client's server.

Cooperation with graphic design studios

We carry out graphic design projects in-house or cooperate with graphic studios, which only commission us to implement the site on WordPress. Our Developers are then in direct contact with the Agency and often take part in the process of designing the website from the very beginning. Such a model guarantees optimization of time and cost of website implementation.

Implementation of graphic design

Our designers and developers work together to implement the graphic design according to your guidelines and expectations. We make sure that every element of the site reflects your brand and attracts the attention of users.

Building responsive views

We create responsive views that provide a great user experience regardless of the device the user is viewing the site on. Our work includes thorough testing to make sure the site runs smoothly on different screen sizes.

Plugin selection and installation

We offer support in selecting and installing the right plugins to meet the unique needs of your site. We will select plugins that are not only compatible with your requirements, but will also ensure optimal site performance.

Integrations with sales and marketing tools

We offer comprehensive support in integrating your site with sales and marketing tools, such as CRM (e.g. Pipedrive), mailing tools (e.g. MailChimp, GetResponse) or e-commerce platforms (e.g. WooCommerce). With these integrations, your site will be ready to effectively handle sales and marketing processes.

Basic SEO

We make sure that your website is optimized for search engines (SEO). We optimize URL structure, tags and metadata to ensure better visibility in search results.

Securing the service

We implement security measures such as regular updates, recaptcha, activity monitoring and backups to protect your site from potential threats and data loss.

Site speed optimization

We work hard to make sure your website runs quickly and smoothly. We optimize code, compress images, and use best practices to reduce load times, which is critical to user satisfaction and search engine results.
With our skills, your project will be implemented smoothly and in a good atmosphere. Contact us to start working on your website today!