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Figa by Iga is the graphic design studio of our co-founder. In addition to web design, Iga specializes in creating business presentations in Power Point and Google Slides, and designing corporate reports, PDFs and e-books.

Implementation date


Project highlights

  • graphic portfolio with filtering
  • presentation of company services
  • 2 language versions
  • optimization for positioning
website prepared for different screen sizes

Description of implementation

The main purpose of the site was to showcase Figi's portfolio, as well as present the main services of this boutique graphic design studio.

The website was implemented based on a simple and modern design, with examples of implementation for clients such as Modivo, Skanska, MAC Publishing House, Ostrovit and Autenti playing a major role.

Optimization for SEO

Natural SEO is an essential part of online marketing. In the Figa by Iga project, we focused on 1. technically correct website design, 2. good link naming, 3. use of keywords in the most important headings and in the content of the page, 4. completion of titles and meta descriptions visible in Google, 5. appropriate image names.

Such basic actions positively influence the natural positioning of the site on the web, without investing in advertising.

website for graphic designer - web design

Designing a site for ourselves is both easy and difficult :) Easy, because we know exactly what our expectations are and how we want to present ourselves online. Difficult, because there is never enough time on the calendar to do it. In the end, however, we did it. Hurray!

Iga Malinowska

Web designer

Site optimized for mobile devices

Figa by Iga - graphic studio mobile views
Figa by Iga - graphic studio mobile views
Figa by Iga - graphic studio mobile views
Figa by Iga - graphic studio mobile views