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Project Dom Italia is a Polish-Italian law firm whose lawyers have been handling real estate transactions in Italy for 5 years. The firm's services include real estate search support and comprehensive legal services for the entire transaction, both for individuals and businesses.

As Astrotea, we had the pleasure of developing the landing page for this project.

Implementation date


Project highlights

  • landing page + blog
  • 2 language versions
  • dedicated graphic template
Websites on Wordpress - Dom Italia

Description of implementation

We have created landing, whose purpose is to sell legal support in the process of buying real estate in Italy - both for individuals and companies. Here we focused primarily on an attractive visual presentation of the entire buying process and the advantages of working with a law firm.

Our client wanted to create a website (landing page / one-pager) that could be easily edited and expanded. We achieved this by implementing on Wordpress Elementora PRO, which works perfectly in such cases. An addition to the site is a blog, where lawyers post the most important information on the process of buying property in Italy. Such action supports the natural positioning of the site in Google.

Cooperation with several Partners

The "Dom Italia" project is a platform for cooperation between several law firms and specialists from different countries. Such implementations often take several months each due to complicated decision-making processes and difficult communication.

In this case, thanks to good organizational and communication skills, we completed the website project in an impressively short time - one month. We were able to efficiently obtain the necessary images, texts and feedback from the client for each stage of the work. Also important in the process was the high responsiveness and involvement of all Partners.

Landing page for real estate

We created a site that, with the help of appropriately selected visual elements and texts, highlights the strengths of our client's offerings.

Iga Malinowska

Web designer

Site optimized for mobile devices

Landing page for law firm
Landing page for law firm
Landing page for law firm
Landing page for law firm