Landing Page of the hyperbaric chamber

Oxywell specializes in hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Sessions in a hyperbaric chamber are a support for treating conditions such as migraines, chronic pain or even ADHD. Oxygen therapy has an excellent effect on both the body and the mind.

We created a dedicated landing page (LP) for Oxywell, a newly established company, to sell services through the company's profile on Booksy.

Implementation date


Project highlights

  • sales landing page
  • connection to Booksy
  • price list of product options
  • sales copywriting
  • Product strengths
  • knowledge base and FAQs
  • 2 language versions

Description of implementation

An effective LP focused on conversion

For Oxywell, we designed and implemented an effective landing page with the main goal of conversion - redirecting users to the company's profile on the Booksy platform. There they can easily book an oxygen therapy session, purchase a pass or purchase a gift certificate for loved ones.

Our work included comprehensive activities: creating an attractive graphic design, developing good sales content, full development of the site based on the WordPress platform.

We paid special attention to optimizing mobile views, keeping in mind that most of Oxywell's customers will be using the site on mobile devices. As a result, we ensured intuitive navigation and quick access to key features, regardless of device type.

The result of our efforts is a modern, conversion-oriented website that effectively supports Oxywell's business goals.

Featured functionality

Marketing consulting

We combine years of experience in marketing and sales, gained in both multinational corporations and local SMEs, with a passion for creating effective websites. We offer our clients not only aesthetically pleasing and functional sites, but most importantly professional strategic consulting.

We aim to select solutions ideally suited to the specifics of each business. Our arsenal includes, among others: integrations with mailing systems, discount codes, online stores, implementation of online chat, clear FAQs, clear presentation of the offer.

It is our comprehensive approach that sets us apart in the market. We provide our clients with a competitive advantage by implementing the most effective solutions in online marketing, tailored to their individual needs and business goals.

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