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Site speed optimization

A fast website? It's possible!

Internet users expect your website to load quickly, and any delay can result in the loss of potential customers. That's why optimizing your site's speed on the WordPress platform is an extremely important step in ensuring an excellent user experience and efficient site performance.

Why does speed matter?

Maintaining user attention

Internet users have limited patience. If a site takes too long to load, there is a high risk that they will leave the site and head elsewhere.

Impact on positioning

Page loading speed is an important factor that affects the site position In search results. Google prefers sites that work efficiently and quickly.

Increase conversions

A fast-loading site increases the chances of converting visiting customers.

How to optimize speed on WordPress?

Choosing good hosting

Choosing the right hosting provider is of paramount importance. Choose a web host that offers fast servers and adequate resources for your site. At our agency we recommend LH hosting, use our discount code:


Minimization and compression of graphics

Images that are too large or uncompressed can slow down page loading. Make sure graphics are optimized and adjusted for display on the page.

Avoid excess plug-ins

Excessive use of plug-ins can put a strain on your site. Choose only the necessary tools and regularly review the list of plugins to remove those that are not used.

System updates

Regularly updating WordPress and cleaning the database can improve your site's performance. We can do this for you as part of Technical Assistance

Code minimization and optimization

Make sure the source code is optimized and any unnecessary elements are removed.

Application of CDN (Content Delivery Network).

CDN allows content to be delivered from servers closer to the user, which reduces page load time.

Testing the speed of the site

Regularly testing your site's speed with tools such as Google PageSpeed Insights allows you to monitor your progress and make further improvements.

An investment in site speed is an investment in user satisfaction and trust, as well as better SEO and conversions. 

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