We create effective websites for companies

We create websites for companies that build a professional brand image and effectively achieve business goals.

We look at your needs and select only proven solutions

Types of pages for companies

A simple one-pager or an advanced corporate website?

Depending on your needs and industry standards, we create the kind of website that will best meet your company's business goals.

We develop complex websites for larger companies, online business cards for the SME sector, online stores for the e-commerce industry, as well as e-learning platforms for developers of educational materials.

Landing Page

A single sales page with the most important information about a product or service.

Company service

Enhanced corporate website with the ability to implement custom solutions.

Online business card

The most important information about the company in a simple and clear form, about 5 pages.

Online store

Do you sell products or services online? How about thinking about an e-learning platform?

Our goal is to

Create a modern and intuitive website and increase sales

Logical layout and good texts (UX)

You only have 5 seconds, and we know how to use them

61% users will leave the site if they do not find what they are looking for within 5 seconds*.

At Astrotea, we know what to do to convince a customer to take a look at your company's offer. We create logical content structure and good sales texts in Polish and English.


Clarity in content delivery improves overall user experience (UX) and increases conversions.


Video, text, charts, tables, photos and illustrations, facilitate the assimilation of information and increase the efficiency of the site.


Texts tailored to the target audience are effective in attracting attention, building trust and encouraging action.

Graphic design (UI)

Highlight The strengths of your brand

We implement projects that are coherent, balanced and mathematically well thought out, in which there is no room for coincidences. Such projects can successfully implement your marketing strategies and sales goals.

We work in accordance with your visual communication strategy or create completely new graphic creations that will catch the eye of your customers. We do not use ready-made templates.

Fast and optimized websites for businesses

Speed and efficiency

Even 99% On Google's speed tests

We optimize the code, the order in which individual elements load, as well as the size and format of images. The site is supposed to run at lightning speed.

We constantly follow new trends so that our clients' websites meet all standards and Google requirements.

Responsive Web Design

60% users are viewing your site
on phone

We create responsive websites that flawlessly adapt to different screen sizes: phone, tablet, laptop or larger screen. This is no longer an option, it's our standard.


We support
business processes

We create intelligent connections between your website and analytical tools, email marketing systems, CRM tools, social media or payment gateways.

Integrations enable support of Marketing and Sales departments through optimization of business processes.

Websites for businesses - integrations with tools
Laptop with website


We put your peace of mind first

We create secure and stable websites. We do not recognize compromises when it comes to implementations. We use a 20-component security list that ensures stable operation of your website.

You can relax and trust our skills.


Fast and intuitive
content editing

The solutions we use, allow you to edit the site yourself - even without experience. This is important if your team is growing and you want to add new services to the site, edit texts or expand the site with another language version.

drag & drop

Easy editing
mobile views