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WordPress Security: We protect your site on the web

Security is the foundation of any solid website. At our agency, we place great importance on protecting your site from potential online threats. That's why we offer comprehensive WordPress security solutions that will keep your site running confidently and securely.

System updates

We provide regular updates to WordPress and plugins to keep your site optimized and protected from security vulnerabilities.


We regularly back up your site so that in the event of a failure or attack, full functionality can be quickly restored.

Protection from bots

The use of protection mechanisms, such as CAPTCHA or traffic-based filtering, helps identify and block automated bots that may try to perform unauthorized activity on the site.

Authorization and access rights

We limit access to only necessary users, assigning appropriate permissions, which minimizes the risk of unauthorized access.

Activity monitoring

Monitoring and detecting unauthorized changes to the site's content and code helps to quickly respond to potential attacks and restore the site to its original state.

SSL security configuration

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security configuration ensures that communication between the user's browser and the server is encrypted and protected. This keeps the data sent through the site safe from interception by third parties.

Protecting access to the database

Securing database access with strong passwords and appropriate configurations, protects sensitive data stored in the system.

Protection against uploading scripts and malware files

Monitoring and scanning files and content added to the site helps identify and block potentially harmful scripts and files.

Securing forms

Implementing protection mechanisms, such as reCAPTCHA or input filtering, helps prevent unwanted or harmful content from being sent through forms on the site.

With comprehensive security measures in place, your site will operate confidently and reliably, protecting both you and your users from potential online threats.
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