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WordPress integrations - smart connections to tools

The "WordPress Integrations" service gives you the opportunity to connect your website with the marketing and sales tools used in your company.

With these smart connections, we enable you to optimize your business processes. Here are some popular integrations we offer:

Integrations with mailing systems

Automating mailing campaigns is the key to communicating effectively with your audience.

Integrations with platforms such as MailChimp, GetResponse and Freshmail, for example, allow you to optimize your mailing processes and analyze the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Analytical tools

Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Hotjar, Matomo, SALESmanago - allow you to track website traffic, analyze user behavior and optimize for search results. The use of these statistics is made possible just by integrating WordPress (your website) with analytical tools. 

CRM systems

Pipedrive,, Asari, Bitrix24, HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho CRM and others. Integrations with these tools allow you to effectively manage customer relationships, which is critical to business success.

Integrations allow you to track contacts, manage sales leads and analyze customer data effectively.

Social Media Integrations

Successful social media advertising campaigns require appropriate integrations with tools such as Facebook Business Manager or Instagram for Business.

As a result, we can optimize targeting and analyze the results of your ad campaigns that are linked to website traffic.

Payment systems (e-commerce)

PayPal, Stripe or Przelewy24 guarantee smooth and secure online transactions. With WordPress integrations with payment systems, we can provide you with a smooth financial flow.

We also provide personalized integrations with other tools and platforms that may be key to your business or industry. 

Creating the right connections between the website and external tools allows you to use their rich potential and effectively develop your business.

Contact us, to learn more about our integration services and start optimizing your business online!