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Copywriting for websites - we write good texts

Copywriting for websites is the process of designing and editing texts, but also graphics, to build the company's message in a clear, compelling and engaging way for the audience. This includes homepage texts, as well as articles, blog posts, product descriptions and other content that make up the entire online communication.

Effective online communication is a key element in the success of any website. Why? We answer below.

Good content for web pages - benefits:

Response to the needs of the target group

Good copywriting for websites takes into account the audience of the message. We adapt the tone and style of communication to the specifics and preferences of the target audience, which increases the effectiveness of the website.

/ We analyze the target group already at the initial stage of cooperation during the Intro Workshops.

Good texts support SEO

We work with our clients' SEO agencies to recommend a list of keywords. Based on this, we create "Page Title" and "Meta Description" - descriptions of the page that appear in Google search results.

These activities are important for positioning the site in search engine results.

Building the image of an expert

Building an expert image depends largely on the content presented on the website.

Through the skillful use of words, you can establish yourself as an expert, thereby strengthening your reputation. This, in turn, builds trust among potential customers, prompting them to take advantage of the offer you have prepared.

Increase user engagement

Content that is thoughtful, engaging and consistent with the graphic design, prompt users to stay on the site longer. This increases the chances of conversions.

Copywriting means more inquiries!

Better search engine rankings, greater user engagement and an expert image all contribute to the effectiveness of your website, resulting in more inquiries and new customers. 

At Astrotea Agency, we write content for websites at the early stages of design (simultaneously with work on the Information Architecture pages). This allows us to optimize the design process, ensuring the consistency of the text layer and the graphic

The first content is prepared by clients (descriptions of services, people in the team, company history, etc.). Then our team proceeds to modify them, using the good webwriting practices mentioned above.

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