Scope of services

Types of pages

Web design (UI)

We carry out website projects with passion and commitment and attention to the smallest details.

We follow the latest trends in interface design to ensure that your website looks modern and in line with your visitors' expectations. We create unique graphics.

We implement website designs for desktop and mobile in Figma.

Innovation and creativity

We are constantly looking for new inspiration and solutions to create a unique design for you that will make your brand stand out online.

Consistency and visual identity

When designing websites, we always ensure consistency with other elements of your brand image.

Our web designs are aligned with the company's corporate identity, ensuring consistency and professionalism.

Responsiveness at the forefront

We live in the mobile age, so our designs are optimized for responsiveness.

We create websites that look great on different devices (mobile, tablet, desktop), providing a good user experience (UX).

Web designs with the user in mind

Our designs are not only good visually, but also designed with the end user in mind. We take care of intuitive navigation and readability of content so that potential customers can easily find what they are looking for. 

That's why even before we start graphic design, we focus on creating a good site maps, information architecture and writing relevant texts

Data visualization

We use a variety of data visualization tools. Charts, graphs and infographics allow us to present information (numerical data) in a way that is attractive and understandable to the audience.

Selection of photos, illustrations and icons

We rely on high-quality graphics that fit perfectly with the rest of the design. Well-chosen graphic forms add attractiveness and professionalism to the site.

Visual diversity

We use a variety of modules such as timeline, checkbox, icon box, image box, carousels, call to action (CTA) to make the site as readable, diverse and attractive as possible.

We interweave different color schemes and visual forms that highlight the company's most important services or intuitively guide the user through the site toward specific business goals.

Figma website designs

We are perfectionists, so our work in Figma is characterized by the application of good industry practices. Proper layer naming, working on frames and autolayouts, global color and text styles - these are our basic standards. This translates into high quality and consistent designs. 

Such projects are also clearer for the end clients and allow them to work freely in project teams.

With our experience, passion for design and advanced tools, we can create a site that will not only visually delight, but also convince visitors to take a certain action.

Together we can create an image that will make your brand stand out in the online space. Contact us And let's get started on a joint website project.