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Intro workshop - researching needs and mapping key project objectives

Our Intro Workshop, based on a client needs survey, is the first online meeting that is a key step in the process of creating a new website for your company. This is the moment when together we shape the foundations of the project, define the goals and precisely define the direction we want to follow.

Topics discussed at the workshop:

Defining the site's objectives

Together with you, we identify the main goals you want to achieve with your new website. Whether it's increasing sales, building your brand or providing valuable information to your audience. Together, we set priorities that will be our reference point in the design process site maps, creating mockups and implementation graphic design.

Research the needs of your audience

We get to know your target group. Analyzing their needs and expectations will allow us to customize content and functionality of the site to their individual requirements. We speak a completely different language (textual and visual) to audiences in B2B and B2C markets, for example. 

Competitor analysis

We review the competition to identify the strengths and weaknesses of their websites. This gives us valuable insights into how we can stand out and convince your audience.

Visual inspiration

We review visual inspirations together to define general directions graphic design. We build a moodboard defining the aesthetics that will best reflect the character of your brand.

Setting deadlines and responsibilities

The next stage of the meeting is to define the work schedule. We also define who is responsible for each stage and what the expectations are for each party.

Building a site map (UX)

Based on the meeting, we jointly create a preliminary scheme that includes all relevant sub-pages, their hierarchy and navigation. This is a key step in ensuring readability and intuitiveness for the user. Learn more about the site map.

The needs study gives us a solid foundation on which we will build your new website, according to the assumptions.

If you are ready to start this journey together with us, write, to schedule your first meeting! Together we will create a website that will exceed your expectations and make you stand out on the web.