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Types of pages

Site Map and User Flow - that is, building the logic of a website

A Site Map is a fundamental element of any successful online project.

It is a graphical or textual representation of a website's structure, showing the hierarchy and relationships between different pages. It is a kind of blueprint that helps to understand the organization of content on the site, as well as facilitates navigation for both users and the search engine robots.

We create connections and hierarchies that allow customers to easily and intuitively navigate between different pages of the website.

Precise definition of the goal

When creating a map, we focus on clearly defining the main purpose of your site. A defined purpose helps you build the right site logic from a user and navigation perspective.

Examples of website goals include increasing brand recognition, increasing conversions, education, optimizing business processes, generating leads, etc.

Intuitive navigation

We create a clear structure of the site that will allow users to easily find the information, services or products they are looking for. We highlight the most important services and direct most of the traffic to these subpages. 

Optimization of customer pathways

We design paths that lead users intuitively and efficiently to specific actions, increasing the chances of conversion.

More effective design

The map can include the main sections of the site, subpages, links between them and their hierarchy.

It helps web designers i content creators in better understanding the layout of the site, which contributes to improving user experience and site efficiency. As a result, the site map is an important tool in the process of designing and optimizing a website.

Increase conversions

Through precise design and optimization of the site in the initial stages of implementation, we aim to increase conversions. It has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your online business. 

Contact us, to start designing a structure that is logical and intuitive for your audience, consistent with your business goals and the specifics of the industry in which you operate.