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Self-service website maintenance: WordPress training for businesses

WordPress Support Training service is a great solution for companies who want to manage their website on their own. During our training, we teach how to update WordPress and plugins, edit content or add new modules, among other things.

Plugin and WordPress updates

Our experts will teach you how to update WordPress and plugins, allowing you to keep your site in the latest and most secure version.

Editing content

You will learn to update the content on the site yourself - add, edit or delete text, images and icons, allowing you to respond quickly to changing needs.

Adding new subpages and sections

Through training, you will learn the process of adding new modules and subpages, allowing you to expand the functionality of the site according to your preferences.

Changes to the menu

Customize the site's menu yourself, managing the order and content of items for intuitive navigation.

Adding new team members

You will learn how to add and manage team members' profiles, which will allow you to update employee information.

Publishing blog posts

We'll show you how to add new blog posts: assign them appropriate categories, add standout images, optimize the size of graphics, assign authors or set specific publication dates.

We offer hands-on training to give you full control over your own website. Contact us, and together we'll master the ins and outs of operating WordPress effectively!
If you prefer, you can entrust the management of your website to our team for a monthly subscription. Learn more >