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Effective SEO optimization on WordPress

Increasing search engine visibility is the key to success in today's online world. WordPress, as a popular content management system, offers many tools and features to optimize your site for search engines. 

Learn the key aspects of SEO on WordPress that will help you achieve better search engine rankings.

SEO on WordPress - start with keywords

Keywords are fundamental to optimizing content on a website. They represent terms or phrases that potential users enter into a search engine to find specific information, products or services. 

Skillful use of keywords in content and in page elements such as headings and meta descriptions helps search engines understand exactly what a page is about.

Look for keywords, for example, in the tool Key Word Planner from Google, but also in Google Search, the Google Search Console tool or when talking to your customers.

Proper construction of headings (H1, H2, H3...):

The structure of headings reflects the hierarchy of content on the page. The main headings (H1) are used to highlight the most important sections, while smaller headings (H2, H3) group content thematically.

Meta tags and meta descriptions

We take care of unique page titles and meta descriptions that clearly define the content of a given page. The "meta" elements are visible later in Google search results, and it is often on the basis of these elements that a user decides to visit a given page.

Descriptions for photos

We add descriptions (known as alt text) to images on the page. This not only helps those using screen readers, but also provides an opportunity for additional use of keywords on a given subpage.

Internal linking

Internal linking, is the process of creating hyperlinks (links) between different pages or sections on the same website. When a site's content is properly linked internally, search engines can more easily understand the structure of the site. This can help index the content and rank better in search results.

Valuable and unique content

The content we create is unique and of high quality. This is important for gaining the trust of users and search engines.

Page loading speed

We know that loading speed Has an impact on user experience and positioning.

We optimize our clients' sites for speed, taking into account image compression, code minimization and choice of fast hosting.

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